3 Feb 2010

Stay low, fight hard

Advertising isn't glamorous. It is all hard work (at times, in brutal week-long spells) and ingenuity (a.k.a creativity).

It's learning. Unlearning. And then re-learning. Constantly. Everyday.

Yesterday, you were hawking a crossover SUV to women... emphasising how the specially-designed low rear-utility hatch made loading heavy grocery bags easier. Today, it's an investment product to HNIs (High Net-Worth Individuals)... where you expound the investment vehicles available for varying risk-appetites.

Advertising is fun? Not by a long shot.

As I never tire of saying: "Advertising is a B2B affair!" The solutions we think up are for business needs. The audience we communicate to is integral, but incidental - like ergonomics for an automobile engineer.

Sometimes I think the worst thing to happen to Advertising (besides the Computer and Account Planning) was for our business to somehow come be regarded as 'glamorous'. When advertising mavens began appearing more regularly on Page 3 than the business pages, I knew we were in for rough weather!

Now, at a time when ever more business leaders are stepping out of the boardrooms and into the limelight - even as the top businesses in virtually every major sector implode in violent maelstroms of greed and ego... the following list of 10 success stories based on plain ingenuity and, undoubtedly, resolute leadership by unheard-of entrepreneurs in India is breathtakingly refreshing. And inspiring.

Please dim the lights...

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the honour of presenting to you, 'Ten Success Stories In Unheard-of Sectors': http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/ten-success-storiesunheardsectors_439162-0.html

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