30 Apr 2012

Among suits - but not quite one

I've been promoted to Assistant General Manager - Creative Services.

I think it's going to be an interesting hybrid of left-brain Management & right-brain Creative challenges...

I can see in it exciting possibilities to shine the light of rationality into the dark, chaotic recesses of Creative Minds. And to introduce a dash of zany imagination into the process-driven worldview of Management Types!

After all, the conventional frames-of-references in Advertising have already changed. The lines between former silos, like “Strategy and Creative”, “Art and Copy”, “Medium and Message”, have blurred - or disappeared altogether.

The new mantra is both simple and daunting: Deliver measurable value, quickly!

I am going to attempt one more re-invention of myself... And I will call it: "Among suits - but not quite one"

23 Apr 2012

The joke's on you...

There are some servicing guys that I genuinely like, and some that I admire. Then, there are the MBA-pass imbeciles that piss me off...