16 Apr 2017

De-cashing: IMF’s Roadmap for a Cashless World Economy

In March 2017, the IMF released what it calls a ‘Working Paper’. But we can call it for what it really is – a ‘Trial Balloon’. (Google the term, if you need to.) The following are salient excerpts - and my own interpretation of what they actually mean ...in a calling-a-spade-a-spade sort of way.

The wet dream of the IMF satraps and their fellow ‘monetary policy makers’ is the prospect of sucking out the life savings of people – by threatening them, in essence, with a “spend it or lose it” ultimatum.

It does not matter that the Cashless Economy does not seem to have a positive impact on governments’ financial health. Annoying, but not enough rationale to keep them from doing it anyway. It is obvious here, that the driving factor towards the Cashless Economy is beyond national interests – and perhaps above the pay-grade of national governments and "public servants", literally!

It’s not just national governments; even the propensity of the little people to squirrel away a few hard assets for hard times is just an inconvenience to be bulldozed away in their noble adventure. For the ivory tower dwellers and their paymasters, nothing is more important than having their way. Consequences be damned.

They’ve got it all planned out too. And much of the financial coercion is already in place across geographies as diverse as the socialist utopia of the EU, the nationalist BJP-ruled India, the capitalistic Goldman Sachs/Trump-led USA, and even in sundry monarchies of the Middle East.

Of course, the most important thing is to never allow the hoi polloi suspect that serfdom is afoot. The tools are new – but the plot is age-old: to keep them fearful of barbarians and war drums beating in distant lands – and to keep them distracted with bread and media circuses at home!

If you still believe the self-righteous hand-wringing of the elites over caviar and Dom PĂ©rignon at Davos on the subject of “financial inclusion” – I think you might deserve what is coming. The billionaire may even talk about the Cashless Economy being able to “plug leakages” in the current system through Direct Benefit Transfers or Universal Basic Income. The system they desire is a Privatized Monetary System where you pay the rentiers – telecom companies, fintech companies, payment banks, settlement banks, database owners, and ID authenticators – between 1 and 2% per transaction.

And the final push – or shove – towards a Cashless Economy will be coordinated globally. It has to be; because it will be such an unpopular situation that entire commercial and demographic trends may shift to amenable domains unpolluted by the elitist thinking. They simply can’t have the sheep leaving their farms.

But how long will the implementation of this psychopathic policy will take? I suspect it will depend on when you and I are ready to acquiesce.

If you have the time and inclination to educate yourself, read the entire IMF trial balloon masquerading as a working paper here… http://www.imf.org/external/ns/search.aspx?NewQuery=wp1771

I suggest you download it even if you don't want to read it. The more people access it, the more likely are the wolves to break a little bead of perspiration, wondering: “Dammit, did we wake the sheep?”