Bill Bernbach said it... When The Muscat Adsters asked if we'd be interested in doing the month of November for an Advertising Cliches-inspired calendar, I thought... Happy New Year? (Please click and enlarge) Save the tiger... Please, mister. A new ad I cobbled together (unreleased). Although a veritable minefield in terms of copyrights, I fell in love with the simple and relatable character. That is precisely why I can't quite believe it's not been done. Honestly, if it has, I haven't seen it! Inside every copywriter, there is an illustrator screaming to be let out. And current planetary alignments favours the illustrator in me. No, honest. This is a poster for Maxo mosquito coils. (I've used an interim packaging.) Ummm... When Rediffusion DY&R dropped the 'Dentsu' connection in the logo, THIS happened. We then converted it into a limited edition office stationery!