22 Jan 2013

The military industrial complex has a party in the desert...

It's called the Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX) - and it's the world's largest sales venue of weapons and military hardware. It's been happening for the last FOURTEEN years deep in the deserts of Jordan!

Many of the buyers are governments of the impoverished Third World, who come here with "aid money" given by the First World governments to buy weapons from the First World's Military Industrial Complex!

If you think it's a stupid idea to give out the tax money taken from hard-earned incomes of citizens to arm Third World dictatorships, you are looking at this the wrong way... Special Operations are not really about war between nations.

Almost all of the estimated $200-$400 billion in weapons bought at SOFEX in the name of "national security" be trained inward at their OWN CITIZENS by corrupt ruling class of the Third World!

Now watch... and learn the truth about the guys who are arming all sides of all conflicts all over the world!