28 Aug 2012

Wealth vs Wisdom

The tyranny of numbers is almost unbearable. Today, the most subjective facets of life can be reduced into numbers. Intelligence becomes IQ; Emotions turn into EQ; Beauty transforms into a 'size zero' or 'six-pack'; Health is 120/80 - and now some so-called scientists have even claimed to have measured the potential existence of a 'God Particle'!

Of course, all this obsession with reducing everything - even immaterial aspects into a measureable quantity is not ideal. In fact, its mostly counter-productive...

In life, it is usually the most mundane things that make it fulfilling - almost anyone would consider a life spent single-mindedly amassing material wealth, wasted. On TV, kowtowing to 'TRPs' result in synapse-sapping reality shows and soap operas catering to lowest common denominator. In an organisation, 'targets' and 'KPIs' usually aid manipulators more than business-owners. In economics, an obstinate focus on 'GDP' growth could be prove unsustainable - or even ruinous for a nation in the long run.

In the video below, Devdutt Pattanaik - author, mythologist, artist and philosopher - puts Measurement into context.

Here's Devdutt again, this time differentiating between bequeathing Property and passing on Values... Do we really have a legacy (one that has value beyond measurement) to leave to the coming generation(s)?

I'm not trying to say anything in particular. Anyway, whatever I wanted to say is not quite as important as the conclusions you've drawn yourself.