10 Dec 2013

Is the Nestlé Group Chairman a fascist or a fool?

I think the individual in the video below is a prime representative of just about all that is wrong with the mindset in the upper echelons of the corporate world today!

He is Peter Brabeck, the Chairman and former CEO of Nestlé Group... And poor Peter snugly ensconced in his ivory tower cannot comprehend a worldview beyond the techno-panacea which he is part of.

In the Nestlé corporate video (below) condescendingly titled: 'We feed the world', he is telling us quite candidly -- with not a tinge of irony in his voice -- that the time has come for mankind to subjugate nature... That GMO foods are good - and organic food is actually not good... That workers must work much harder to ensure that more people can get employment (only to later beam with admiration for a robotised factory with "almost no people")... And that "water is just a raw material" which must be given a "market value".

On the surface, it might seem he is merely suggesting the world's food and freshwater supply (the raw material) be "sold" by the public (via governemtn representatives) to corporate giants like Nestlé who will process / package / bottle it and sell it (the finished product) back to the public for a nice multi million-dollar profit margin.

By awarding exclusive charters for owning and trading food and water, the ruling class is, in effect, forcing the public into near total dependence on and submission to the oligarchs. In essence, this legal-corporate union is called Fascism!

So Peter Brabeck is either knowingly advocating Fascism - or is too naive and dumb to realise the import of what he is saying...

Leave aside for one minute the downstream choke-hold on seeds and farming by the likes of Monsanto, Bayer and Dow. Or the monopolistic hold on supply chains by entities like Cargill. Or the upstream control by retail cartels like Walmart - and take a look at the chart below...


I believe it was that shining paradigm of humanitarian compassion, Henry Kissinger, who once said: "Control oil, and you control nations... Control food, and you control the people." Consider yourself warned!