5 Mar 2010

Life is a game?

Yet, that is what a (seemingly highly accomplished) professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Jesse Schell, envisions as one possibility in the future!

1. We are reaching out desperately from our near-completely artificial environment toward anything that seems to be from the 'real world'. As example, he points to the wildly successful virtual games of the recent that combined both real elements (like cash, interaction with friends, etc.), and virtual worlds (like Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc.)
2. Brands (and governement and everyone else) are going to use game-like point systems designed to modify our behaviour in our daily life. That is, we live a giant game!
3. What sibsidises it is Advertising... Ubiquitous. All-pervasive. Highly intrusive. Created by all-knowing Advertisement-spawning entities that tracking every activity.

...A wholely plausible, and equally frightening prospect! (Hmmm... This is feeding into another line of thought!)

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