18 Apr 2010

Successful because highly unorthodox, or unorthodox because highly successful?

In my post a little while back, I had touched upon the fact that most corporate cultures breed inertia. Stick with the herd. Do what's always been done. Do it the way it's always been done. Do not question the status quo. And never ever attempt to go against the flow.

The primary reason being safety in numbers. After all, in a group, individuals are absolved of accountablility. The means become the end. Processes take over from goals. Process that ensure uniformity and conformity... Prizing consistency and predictablity of the mediocre and mundane, over passion and impetuosity of the original and creative.

But there is one entity that thumbs it's nose at the accepted 'herd culture'. And it is thriving seemingly because it dares to be different! (Or is it because one man dares to be different?)

An excerpt from a post on Apple Inc., titled Non-Apple’s Mistake at loper-os.org goes...

"Apple’s competitors cannot actually copy the secret of its greatness, because Apple is a fundamentally different type of organism. Rather than a brainless government-by-committee, it is an extension of one man’s will, projected with the aid of a small group of trusted lieutenants: no focus groups in sight.

[...] If you are creative, create. Otherwise, strive to find a strong-willed Jobs figure gifted with good taste, and become his loyal servant. This is how we get quality products, everywhere from architecture to operating systems. There is no other way. Creativity requires a mind, and a herd has none."

How true. (Even if it is one man's mind!)

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