8 Jun 2010

What's wrong with Mr. Creative Director?

This may seem like mere symantics, but we're currently reconsidering the core role (and designation) of the Creative Director.

I don't think it's trivial at all... Because hasn't a CD's role evolved into more than just the directing of creative elements or execution? Isn't it more about identifying and delivering effective solutions to meet a client's business objective?

And if this means coming up with a non-advertising solution - for instance, developing an internal communication programme, a website or a PR drive - well, then so be it.

We're right now mulling: Director - Creative Services.

I honestly don't care for a designation to establish where I stand in a hierarchy. I want to define a role to live up to, and give others an allusion of what to expect from me.

I would really appreciate your opinion on this.

1 comment:

Such! said...

One day, I hope to have an opinion on this that will matter.

Anyhow, I still don't think it'll matter that much. For a long time, people will end up calling you the Creative Director. I mean, who's going to say 'Hey here is the Director of the Creative Services'
Of course, its a different issue on paper altogether.
Yes, you're right, I should stop talking.

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