8 Jul 2010

India: Advertising's Walmart?

What's with India and "cost-cutting"?

A little paranoid, but this article by Jim Edwards on bnet.com looks at the possible consequence (ok, it's a more than a little remote) on the Advertising industry globally of the WWE-style combination move executed by heavyweights, Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser in recent days.

The equivalent of a well-timed double-drop-kick off the top rope. (Perhaps a steel chair to the back of the head is coming next.)

For those who entered the arena late: The Unilever was up on the red corner, and Reckitt Benckiser went up the blue corner.

'Advertising' walked in and... WHAM!

Hilarity apart, there may be an opportunity in all this for the Advertising industry - especially in India. Instead of doing 'cheap', 'fast' and 'mass', what if we did 'intelligent' and 'objective'? I know there is no scope for a 'Lion' in it - but may be we can charge a 'Premium' for it. Just a thought.

Meanwhile back to the action...

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