1 Jul 2010

RAK-ing things up

I heard good things about a brand, and like any average potential customer, I googled (it's a verb now) looking for a dealership, after I find none on their website.

Halfway down Page 1, and probably the only coherent and useful link on the brand, is this post.

Now I know that the company:
a) is comparatively quiet expensive,
b) is not very reliable in terms of delivery,
c) is not responsive to customer feedback, and
d) employs individuals who seems arrogant, and vindictive,
Needless to say I won't be rushing to Page 2 looking for a dealership.

But I am curious to know if one - or considering the unfortunate second commentor, two - negative experiences posted on a blog can effect a change in business attitude at a global corporate entity.

I thought I'd give it a nudge, and see where it goes.

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