20 Jul 2010

Vox populi

If 35,000 football fans can own, manage and take Ebbsfleet United all the way to the FA Trophy finals; If online entities like wikipedia.org, mumsnet.com, zopa.com, and TheyWorkForYou.com and innumerable other collaborative endeavours over the Internet can redefine the encyclopedia, parenting, finance, and politics as we know it; What else can we do together?

Could we de-construct the structure of the traditional government apparatus, and begin to govern ourselves?

According to Alan Cox: "It is only by making people feel that they are actually involved and they can make changes and they actually own the environment around them, it is not owned by some faceless bureaucracy. They will actually care to think they can improve it."

But is society truly ready for participatory governance?

Us Now, a documentary film project explores the possibilities as new technologies enable ever-higher degrees of social engagement and collaboration.

Us Now from Banyak Films on Vimeo.

There is also a website featuring material from the making of the film.

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