19 Mar 2011

Libya: Third face of the same coin?

The two previous "People's Uprisings", in Tunisia and Egypt, were seemingly handled entirely by citizens armed only with their desperation and idealism.

They rose up against the visible symbols of an oppressive system. And they removed the ones that seemed to be controlling their, and their nation's, destiny.

Unfortunately, neither the system nor their destiny seems to have changed much!

Now that the so-called "World Leaders" have decided to intervene in Libya, let us wait and see if the "International Community" manages to do better than the people of Tunisia and Egypt.

However, if a military-backed group comes out on top AGAIN - well, then it should give all right thinking people food for thought.

Perhaps then, someone will get to play a game of "Follow the Money":
- Who will arm the armed forces?
- Who will finance the re-construction programmes that will inevitably follow?
- Who will win those lucrative infrastructure contracts?

Will it be the usual suspects?

Meanwhile, let us all pray for the innocents in Libya caught in the crossfire. Let us not forget that they are not watching the flames and carnage on cable TV. It's outside their bedroom window.

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