7 Apr 2011

Has India found its Tahrir Square?

"So, is Jantar Mantar the new Tahrir Square?" asks columnist, G Vishnu at Tehelka.

Since social movements are good for ratings amd soundbytes, the mainstream media is on the bandwagon too. But this time they have the opportunity to make a real difference... It's the difference between playing "nation's conscience-keepers" and "corporate opportunists". Either way, I hope Anna Hazare's gesture will not degenrate into a frenzied media circus!

As an aside, there seems to be a close parallel with the exasperation against both corruption and politicians seen in Middle Eastern protest... If the parallel continues, the issues will not stop at cosmetic changes. I do hope someone within the GoI is thinking seriously of a systemic overhaul.

Perhaps it is time for an new (Indian or Eastern) paradigm for progress... The current one doesn't seem to be working too well.

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