16 May 2011

Google's Do-It-Yourself Stasi File

Call me cynical (OK, even paranoid), but I saw this video dripping in saccharine sweetness - and the only thing I could think about was a Stasi File!

The erstwhile East Germany's secret police maintained minute, banal, and often absurd, personal details on its citizens. But according to an article in Spiegel Online, Herbert Ziehm - Head of the Department in Germany that now manages the Stasi Files archive: "More often than not, the Stasi did not need to apply pressure at all. In fact, many often felt snubbed if their information was deemed to be of no interest."


Also, the fact that the files occupy over 100 kilometres of shelf space somehow reminded me of a Server Farm.

Hey, personal information is personal information... whatever manner it is stored!

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