6 Jun 2011

Never piss off the government

According to reports, the police crackdown on Baba Ramdev's protest venue came after the government cancelled the permission granted to him to convene a 'yoga camp' at the Ramlila Grounds.

Then, the government went ahead and imposed Section 144 in the area... at midnight!

According to an Express News Service report, the move was said to have been given a "green signal" by the Prime Minister... And the police action was supervised by Delhi Police Commissioner BK Gupta himself.

Did this happen largely because the government (and the Congress party's various satraps) are miffed that the wily Baba went back on an "agreement"? (Ummm, what about when the public are miffed about the gazillion times that the government has gone back on its promise to the 'aam aadmi'? Or, was that just an advertising claim with an invisible disclaimer?)

Meanwhile, there are signs (thankfully) that India has not totally descended into a fascist dictatorship... At least, not yet.

In response to a petition, the Supreme Court of India has issued notices to the Union Home Secretary, Chief Secretary of Delhi, Delhi Police Commissioner, and the Delhi Administration in general. The court, rightfully, wishes to know "the exact circumstances" under which the people had to be dispersed in the middle of the night - that too, by "using brutal force."

(Come to think about it, even the 'outraged' Opposition parties in parliament haven't thought of questioning / probing the real reason for the crackdown.)

However, the people of the nation do have a right to know... Are sleeping yogis and faux sathyagrahas a greater threat to our nation and it's future, than kleptocrats in power and hereditary politics?

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