10 Aug 2011

Did world governments begin preparing in 2008 for social chaos in 2011?

My previous post was titled "Has London been preparing for riots since 2008?" And in August 2011, we see the possibility of the army being deployed London.

The following videos are from 2008 too... This time it's talk from Washington DC on using US troops on US soil!

Uploaded on October 7, 2008...
Part I

Part II

An RT report on the US troop re-stationing, says that 20,000 battle-hardened troops are scheduled to finish their 'training' by 2011!

Well, I'm sure this is all just a wild coincidence - but I'm going to hazzard a guess anyway...

It looks - to me - that in 2008, at the height (or is it, depth) of the previous 'economic crisis' when governments gave away the future earnings of taxpayers as 'bailouts' and 'stimulus' to the Global Finance Cartel and Oligarchs, the powers-that-be in multiple nations (G8?, G20?) also came to understand the massive scale and inevitable social consequence of the NEXT financial crisis.

They probably realised that the biggest threat to their hold on power and the status quo came from WITHIN their boorders!

I'm also beginning to think that they possibly know the approximate TIMING of the next financial chaos... In effect, we may not merely be seeing the makings of the next financial crisis, and it's societal fallout (as in London)... We may be actually witnessing something much, much more profound!

Could this be the dawn of an Age where its citizens are a nation's (read, the rulers') greatest enemies?

I'd posted that India's governing apparatus too makes it clear that the growing youth population is a serious concerns.

And if you read my post, you will see another interesting coincidence - that much of the 'homeland security' infrastructure even in India is privately-owned and seems to be globally inter-operable too. Government merely lends a convenient facade of legitimacy.

Take Home Minister, Chitambaram's pet NatGrid project. NatGrid is India's mass surveillence network aimed at citizens - and it was created using the Information Technology Act, which was passed through parliament without debate - in 2008!

NatGrid is set to be fully operational in - did you guess it? - 2011! Too many coincidences, perhaps?

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