26 Sep 2011

"Goldman Sachs rules the world."

There you have it - on the BBC, at that!

I think he used "Goldman Sachs" as a sort of metaphor. But the rather unsurprising part is that Goldman Sachs and their ilk do have a plan on how to profit from the misery of millions.

Let's not be naive about this - if someone makes a profit, someone else has to make a loss. What could be more simple than millions of stupid working-class people losing their savings to a handful of financiers?

And if you know history, you would know this is definitely not the first time the mammon-worshippers did it. (Hint: Find some time to research who financed - oops, giveaway! - wars and colonial exploitation over the centuries.)

One more thing, the well-meaning Mr. Alessio Rastani might say that anybody can make money from a market crash; "it isn't just for some people in the elite" - but it doesn't work that way! Financial trading isn't about a risky venture paying off or a complex computer algorithm estimating the exact timing of a market crash. It is straight-out collution and manipulation involving those at the very, very top.

In other words, most "market cycles" inevitably culminate - without exception - with the profits passed on to the owners of capital and their facilitators, and the losses passed on to the working-class.

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