20 Nov 2011

Journalism 2.0 vs. Propaganda 1.0

(Update: Oops! The video is now added. Apologies.)

I want you to discount everything you see in the following video, and focus on just one thing: What is the statistical probability of what you are about to see occuring if there was more than ONE source of the narrative on ALL of mainstream TV?

I think it is time we disabuse ourselves from the illusion of choice... Right now! There are six giant media holding companies that own the airwaves - and your rapt attention.

The following are only their tentacles on the idiot box...

So the next time you flip through news channels on TV, please remember this: You hear what their "scriptwriters" want you to hear.

A thinking mind can sift through obvious biases. But to be blinkered and fed a repetitive 'scripted reality' is an insult to human intelligence.

That's why this year in particular is turning into the dawn of the Age of Journalism 2.0... With ordinary people around the world increasingly - many, unconsciously - turning to Internet-based alternate sources of news and information for a more believable narrative of what's happening around them.

And the minions of the mainstream media "scriptwriters" are shocked and appalled!

Thank you, Conan O'Brien.

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