30 Nov 2011

What 4D technology is not...

No amount of technology (or loose purse-strings) can make up for the lack of creativity. Or cover up gratuitous narcissism, for that matter. Watch.

The world's most advanced '4D technology' used to deliver the world's most impressive damp squib finale... (DJ with alpha-numeric name and vacuous-looking teenagers with smartphones, included)

Or in their words,
Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows phone [...] created an amazing free light show at Millbank Tower, London. Each of the 120 metre high building's 800 windows were covered with vinyl as 16 powerful projectors, stationed 300 metres away on the other side of the river, beamed 3D images onto the structure.

The world's most expensive product catalogue... (giant-ego-in-the-window, included)

Or in their words,
Ralph Lauren London celebrates 10 years of digital innovation by putting on a virtual fashion show that brings it's building on Bond Street to life.

And finally, in their own words... Let there be rock! (real audience feedback, included)

(I am seriously beginning to think that the 'generational gap' exists mostly because smartphones seem to be frying what's between people's ears!)

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