1 Jan 2012

Ever wonder why a coup d'etat invariably starts at the TV station?

Because nothing is credible till it's on TV.

Of course, the corollary is that the public is conditioned to believe that if it is on TV, it must be true!

Think about the relationship we have with our TV set. Our homes are organised around it. Our social lives many times depend on its whims. We tell ourselves that OTHER members of our family (not us) can't live without it. We only need it so we're not "out-of-touch" with what's happening! And for the reassurance that we are "in-the-know" we are ready to pay literally any cost - even if we are unfairly made to pay for channels we will never see.

You can't call something so manipulative, an idiot box. In fact, the wide-eyed idiot is blissfully unaware, catching up with "reality" on TV.

Switch the TV 'off'. Switch your mind 'on'. Only then can we fight off the coup d'etat of independent thought and reasoning. If enough people fight, 2012 will be different. Otherwise, it will be whatever they show you on TV.

Anyway, don't go unarmed...

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