17 Sep 2012

India is on sale - and absolutely everything must go!

Politics is a charade. A high-pitch teledrama to keep the unwashed masses engaged and pre-occupied.

Occasionally, a voice speaks sense - usually, only to be shouted down and cast aside for having committed a heinous thoughtcrime.

Today's example is Mamata Banerjee. On firstpost.com, she ventures the sinful notion that: “Yes, we need reforms. But reform does not mean to sell out everything to satisfy some sections of individuals.”

The overwhelming temerity of this thoughtcrime can be gauged by the sheer vehemence and vitriol of the comments-thread below the article.

She also opines, “I agree that Sensex must be stable, but at the same time, policy and planning should not be used to impose back-breaking burden on the common people.”

But Mamata-ji you are too late. The 'Distress Sale' of India's public assets have already begun. I had covered the sequence of events before.

Now I'll point fingers at the key players:
1. THE BANKING SYSTEM COMES FIRST. (Whatever happens.)

(In the video, from 3:50 to 3:58, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) fumbles for the right words to describe the single-most important issue for the RBI and the Central & Governments of India... Then finally blurts out, that it is to "ensure the profitability and viability of India's banking system." I am not kidding - he said "ENSURE" - irrespective of NPAs or bad loans!)

2. THE OLIGARCHS ARE OUT TO REAP PROFIT. (And pay off the corporate media and political satraps.)

Despite the incessant spinning by talking head on mass-media, academics from (oligarch-funded) foreign universities, the Finance Minister, the Prime Minister or his coterie of economic advisors - monopolistic business practices and obscene profits are what the oligarchs want and what they will get. Take, for example, the six myths of FDI in retail.

The fact remains that the ruling minions will NOT stop until virtually the entirety of the nation's power and pelf is usurped by the oligarchs who will then feed them substantial crumbs.

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