7 Nov 2012

Before TV became the Idiot Box

Before Television came be referred to as 'Idiot Box', there was this.

(This is the one-hour final episode of the BBC satire Yes, Minister. It's sequel Yes, Prime Minister is equally hilarious. Put down any hot beverages - and enjoy.)

I wonder if the abysmal, narcissistic and 'dumbed down' standards of TV programming today reflect the falling calibre of the programme creators - or of their viewership?

But is the 'idiot box' the cause - or the effect?

Consider the definition of 'idiot' in democratic Athens. According to Wikipedia, the binary version of the Ancient Library at Alexandria, "An idiot in Athenian democracy was someone who was characterized by self-centeredness and concerned almost exclusively with private — as opposed to public — affairs."

In other words, does the 'idiot box' specifically caters to the self-absorbed herd? Or does it cause the viewer to turn into one of the sheeple who follow meekly without critical thinking or questioning accepted conventions?

Hmm, a point to ponder...

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