13 Dec 2009

Welcome to the changing world...

In today's world, nothing is static.

Business. Culture. Science. Technology. Even what we perceive as 'change' is evolving. And evolving fast.

In advertising, staying ahead of the curve demands an intellectual capacity to continuously learn and reinvent oneself. It needs a mind-set that can effortlessly let-go of long-held points-of-view. And it requires an ability to instinctively look at any challenge from multiple perspectives.

After 12 years in Advertising and Marketing, these are I believe the only 'Rules' worth keeping:
- Put the brand's interest foremost
- To motivate a team, inspire them
- Always remain outside the proverbial box considering the big picture
- Harness the 360-degree potential in every idea
- Don't just ride the latest communication wave, try and create it
- Hone your instincts to pick up views, nuances and trends - especially among young people
- Observe and learn from everyone around

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