28 Dec 2009

Why online? What online?

Online is not a panacea. And there is no panacea online - not Facebook, not Youtube. And definitely not Twitter.

ADVERTISERS need to be very clear about what they wish to accomplish by being online.

AD AGENCIES need to be better aware of specific online tools and the unique communication (and business) opportunities they offer. Selection of applications and tools must necessarily be based on the communication objective. Not fads.

Also, looking at the potential growth of online advertising, investing in domain knowledge via a core team might be cheaper today than tomorrow.

WEB SOLUTIONS PROVIDERS tend to be the joker in the pack. And increasingly, they're seen by agencies as competitors aiming at a bigger share of the advertising pie!

They are uniformly good with charts, graphs and jargon. But rather less consistent in delivering tangible results.

All of us need to make up for deficiencies, and better utilise each another's expertise if we are to see less online campaigns that make us go: "What were they thinking?"

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