31 Dec 2009

Why killing a 'creative' is just plain wrong

For one, 'creative' is not a noun. It's an adjective. A reference to an ingenious or unexpectedly resourceful quality. And it is more suggestive of function than form.

But somewhere along the way, chiefly in Advertising parlance, 'creative' became a noun. A tangible thing. An end in itself. Eventually, the creators of 'creatives' too were labelled 'creative'. It now represented, not an attribute but a designation!

This creative-by-default situation has one potentially self-defeating side-effect. We lose sight of the real yardstick for creativity: The end result.

The onus is back on the Advertising industry to equate 'creative' with originality, imagination, and a productive outcome. Who in their right minds would want to kill that?

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