29 Dec 2009

Online Advertising, Direct Marketing and POS are not 'Media'

Online Advertising is currently viewed as just another 'medium' in the over-ambitious media mix - just as Direct Marketing is. Or Point-of-Sale for that matter.

And more often than not, the one-way 'big idea' cracked for TV or print doesn't translate directly. Online Advertising, Direct Marketing and POS require distinctly different approaches.

Because here, you want the audience to respond!

The idea has to be completely stripped back down to the central objective. And the communication re-built to garner the response!

The easy way out is 'adapting'. Editing the content. Re-size the layout to standard envelope-size. The copywriter throwing-in a 'Dear Customer' attempt at personalising the communication. And for going online, it may involve animated graphics! Or even ludicrous attempts at 'engaging' the audience.

As with most easy ways, they don't work very well!

I think the best test for an idea that requires action, is to ask onself: "Would I do what I expect audience to do?" Even if it's a 'maybe', I strongly recommend you drop that idea, and move on to the next.

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