25 Jan 2010

The future's in the palm of your hand

Literally too.

The following presentation is a 104-page long assertion (with a 12-page disclaimer!) by Morgan Stanley on how internet usage is migrating from desktops to mobile devices.

I don't agree with everything they say. But the writing is on the wall is fairly legible: The future is mobile internet. And advertising's role in it is... well, changing.

The slide on desktop internet revenues:

The slide on mobile internet revenues:

And for those with patience, here's the whole shindig:

With the domain evolving at the pace it is, I really can't say if the NEXT BIG THING is an app, a platform or a device. Or a combo. But I do believe it will be more local (geographic saliency). It will probably be mCommerce-centric (remember, payments can now be made through a mobile without a credit/debit card!).

And it'll probably catch a lot of us 'internet savvy' advertising professional completely unawares!

There may be a way out... but we'll have to give up our self-destructive mania for being medium specific. But I think that thought deserves a post all it's own.

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