23 Jan 2010

'Ctrl Z' in real life

Tell me about it!

I had overstretched myself for more than a week on an ambitious project. Everything was chugging along fine too - till someone spotted a silly mistake on the morning of the presentation! A mistake that could potentially put paid to several days of hard work by a dozen people. A mistake that perhaps I could have prevented if was a little more observant.

I sat there with my heart in my throat, fractically calling my editor, and praying that it be set right in time... I mean going down in a blaze of glory is one thing. But over a 'spello'? Eew!

It was touch and go. But we made it. Just.


MY HEROES OF THE DAY: Waleed and Subhash for spotting the goof-up; Saif for pulling 24 hours straight without a wink and then dragging himself back from bed to the editing studio, Fahad for driving over 15km to-and-fro 4 times - Oh, and God for everything else!

(Hope we get this. Insha-allah.)

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