4 Jan 2010

Psst, who's the new guy in the room?

He's the Consumer. And, er, we're in his bedroom!


A long time ago, Advertising talked to individuals.

These were folk you'd see at the busstop; haggling with the storekeeper; alternately sending kids off to school and yelling at them; and sometimes preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

But they were different people. All of them. About the only thing they had in common was that they were likely to buy what we were Advertising!


Perhaps to fit in with our obession for mass media, we took to creating ads for a faceless, generic statistic called the Target Group (TG).

Once the human element vanished, with it naturally, went empathy.

The Consumer didn't much care for Advertising anyway. He doesn't perceive, let alone relate to, most of it! Irrelevance now made it easier to ignore - like the noise on a busy street. Then we raised the decible level. And promptly became annoying too!

Now, with Social Media, we're climbing in through the Consumer's bedroom windows. Literally.

It's time we dropped our obsession with the medium, introduced ourselves, and got to know him personally.

Or this could get ugly!

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Arun & Sanne said...

have u noticed that the only people actually bothered with ads are kids? and so u actually get a precise feedback..... like " this never happens", " this guy sells so many things" (on certain brand ambassedors), hehehhe so funny (on zou zou, though they have no clue what phones have to do with it).adults are too cynical just like the buggred ad men. both think they are too smart too! the only people who think they got it all right is the client and the research agency both of which is insulated against blame by the focus consumer group research feedback. so ultimately it seems its the consumer to be blamed for some realllllyyyyyy bad ads!!!!