17 Jan 2010

What if you don't need an Ad Agency to do Advertising?

There is something wrong with advertising today.


I think the problem is three-fold:
1. Marketing exercises tend to be media-specific
2. There is a plethora of media available today
3. It is unviable for an Ad Agency to retain experts in every domain

As a result, the overall thought-process tends to get funnelled toward the familiar, the conventional. Leaving numerous possibilities unexplored - and leaving everyone involved rather suspicious of each other's capability, commitment and interest!

Could there be a better way? I'll hazard a wild swing at this...

Suppose - just suppose - there was a lean, result-focussed, media-neutral Agency+Brand team constituted solely to identify strategic opportunities. The alliance is exclusive and closed-ended. There is no scope for a conflict of interest here.

And now suppose there is a loose, open-ended federation of execution experts wedded to no client - freelancers, if you will - who are commissioned based on skill (or available budget) to draw-up, co-ordinate and execute the various media facets of a campaign.

In short... What if you don't need a traditional, and usually awkwardly, joined-at-the-hip Strategy and Creative team to do Advertising?

What if, eh?


Subramaniyan SSS said...

i feel that advertising agencies is a MUST,

but only if the agency take the responsibility or an accountablity on whatever the communication it does, i think the whole scene will change.

Dolly Bhasin said...

The what if scenario presented here is already evident and showing up as newer models like PAY FOR PERFORMANCE and MARKETING CONSULTANTS driven approaches.