12 Jan 2010

Why should we believe Domino's now if they were lying before?

It's exactly what Stephen Colbert implies on Comedy Central about their Domino's 'Pizza Turnaround' ad.


Personally, I actually liked Domino's more than most other pizzas. I thought their Cheese-filled crusts were awesome! (Maybe they use better ingredients in India?) I can't quite put my finger on it, but the new ad somehow made me feel quite daft for it!

I am sure the agency and brand management guys had the right intention... But then again, I have a nagging doubt that if any of them continually chose Domino's Pizza over competitive brands (like I did), they'd have an idea of what I feel like right now.

All of it sort of brings us back to what Ogilvy once said about always using (and believing in) the products he helped sell. If we don't believe in it, nothing we do (slick commercial included) will persuade a viewer to.

The customer isn't a moron...

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