12 Jan 2010

Social Media & Survival Instinct

Brands and businesses are increasingly stepping on to the Social Media platform. And it is probably a step in the right direction as I had mentioned in an earlier post.

But despite an ever-increasing number of people using Social platforms, successful use of Social Media for marketing or advertising have been largely flashes in the pan. Then why is there an almost inexorable push towards it? Why is there an overwhelming urge to (re)engage with society?

Could it be plain survival instinct?

Perhaps the realisation that to be of any consequence, businesses need to prove that there is creativity and humanity - not just cold profiteering - within the walls of the corporate world.

Or perhaps the realisation that to affect any form of loyalty, brands need to actually listen and deliver what consumers want.

Given such strong possibilities, any Social Media campaign created to follow a trend is probably going to disappoint. And any campaign created to deceive the audience is going to boomerang. Big time.

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