17 Apr 2010

Apple comes to Madison Avenue... and kicks butt

I posted about Apple's iAd (part of iPod OS 4.0) a few weeks back. Well, iAd does have the makings of a game-changer. And it's not the technology, but the concept.

When an Ad feels like an extension of an activity that interests the user, instead of being an interruption, it stops being an Ad - and is perhaps even welcome! I guess it applies for any Ad created with both context and relevance at it's core. (You can imagine the conversion rate on this!)

I can think of three points from a potential consumer's point-of-view that'll ensure optimum conversion for any Ad:
1.) The Ad message fits seamlessly in the context of the activity, i.e. it doesn't feel intrusive, and yet gives a compelling reason to read/watch/listen/click.
2.) The Ad doesn't yank the user off someplace else - i.e. it does not change the subject.
3.) The Ad/experience concludes with the answer to 'How can I get one right now?'

Now over to Steve Jobs...

Madison Avenue, be afraid. Be very afraid.

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