13 May 2010

Made in Hometown

When your brand really and truly has a point-of-view, don't be content to just let it show. I say, flaunt it in broad daylight - in all its glory. Show it off in public for all to see!

After all, what's to not like about an attitude? It's human, as long as it is genuine.

Here's how it's done American Apparel-style...

(Please click the image to read the copy. No really, read the body copy. Go on, I promise it won't hurt.)

Here's a more sly video by New Balance shoes on the same subject. The defensive tone of the 'Made in USA' theme here, is because the message comes with a caveat: New Balance shoes are also Made in China, Vietnam and the UK.

I imagine we will be seeing a lot more of these 'Buy Local' advertising in the coming days, primarily as a backlash against brands that seem to care more about cost-cutting than people.

Patriotic fervor can be quite unpredictable, and the current trend has the potential to grow exponentially. When community-after-community start circling their wagons, it'll stop being a trend, and become more of a wave. A tidal one.

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