9 May 2010

How to stop splitting hair and get on with Advertising

I'm simply tired of listening to the Social Media vs. Traditonal Advertising argument! There are very valid points (and counter-points) on both side, although momentum is definitely moving with digital tools.

But the conventional Advertising mindset is still too pervasive and powerful. So we're just going to have to live with it. I believe Advertising and Marketing professionals who understand users' POV better will have more success that those stuck on either side of the great Media Divide.

In fact, just look who else is having a go at the unsuspecting online audience with good 'ol "interactive" banner ads: Check out Microsoft Advertising.

This is a presentation David Cushman, Managing Director at Ninety10group.com, London.

I don't think that his statement: 'The death of advertising' is even remotely true. But I agree strongly with his has suggestion of replacing 'one-way messages and large audiences' with 'focused engagement and actual users and customers'.

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