25 May 2010

Now download a copywriter and art director

I came across news about a software called PlaceLocal that - ahem, creates ads.

Apparently, "All you have to put in is the company name and address”, and PlaceLocal takes over. The programme automatically scours the Internet for references to the company - picking up basic like a logo, telephone number, business hours, maps and directions, reviews on local blogs, website content, and even photographs. And in moments, all this in laid-out into a customised online display ad. Seriously.

PlaceLocal's key benefit is for web publishers looking to add local businesses as advertisers. It cuts the time and effort taken for a person to actually go through the same process.

PlaceLocal has been created by PaperG, an advertising technology company in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Could this be the beginning of the end of humans doing cliched advertising? You wish.

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