25 May 2010

Your client won't tell you this

Some time back I'd posted on the 2010 NEW BUSINESS REPORT: A CLIENT’S PERSPECTIVE ON AGENCIES by RSW/US - a survey of 227 key decision-makers in Marketing which revealed the most important factors on which they evaluate ad agencies in a presentation:
1. Understanding of their company's direction
2. Understanding of their market
3. Creatives presented

In that order... at 69%, 68% and 66%, respectively.

Now there's another report out. The 2010 report on Perspectives from Senior Marketing Executives by the Gerson Lehrman Group Councils (Get the full report here.)

Not surprisingly, this survey of over 80 senior marketing executives, throws up similar findings:
- 79% said they decided against hiring an agency because of issues related to the agency’s understanding of their business, market, or how they could add value to that business
- 91% listed the above three factors as the most important components for making a decision about engaging a particular agency.

Besides this... 88% categorised understanding of their business and industry as 'critically important' or 'very important', compared to less than 70% who said the same for their product!

It is obvious what Marketers are saying. "I want my Ad Agency to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the industry I operate in, and also to understand the longterm strategic interests of my business."

It's equally obvious what they are not saying out loud. "Tell me how I can succeed." Clients are looking for a confident and proactive partner. They want good advice.

So tell me again... What has changed in Advertising?

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