7 Aug 2010

The Zeitgeist Movement: Time to unlearn and reinvent

In precisely 1 hour, 37 minutes and 08 seconds, the following Zeitgeist Movement video presentation takes reality as (you thought) you knew - and tears it down. Clearly. Logically. Effortlessly. And completely.

Exposing the deep, glaring and seemingly irreconcilable flaws. And presenting an alternate, radically different, and possibly better way-of-life for humanity.

There are some notions there, that may shock an open mind, let alone a conservative one. But if indeed there is an iota of truth in this world-view, what really prevents us from moving towards it?

Are our minds, collectively, already in such a unimaginative rut as to preclude the concept of a non-self-gratification-oriented existence altogether?

Oh! By the way, the Advertising industry finds mention. But not in a flattering sort of way!

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