3 Mar 2011

Et troisième...

We had a lot of fun creating this narrative for a forthcoming 5-litre, 416bhp, V8 sport sedan - the ISF from Lexus.

First, let's see what happens when Lexus takes off the Savile Row overcoat and the monogrammed gold cufflinks; and loosens the silk necktie. Shocking, indeed!

All because (now, I'm assuming this) some muscle-car jock pissed-off a bunch of timid, bespectacled automobile engineers... who have access to a exclusive Formula One standard race track and some serious number-crunching hardware.

Now, after teaching muscle-car boy the difference between "drag" and its "coefficient", they need to sell some of these "Eat my dust, s'il vous plaît" machines. No problem. We have an App... sorry, Ad, for that too.

One more.

We had pitched for a Private Banking brand... It may sound a bit vain, but perhaps, we should've landed the account on the strength of this concept alone. Ok, that is vain.

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