24 Mar 2011

Government, Money and the Theory of Relativity

Ok. So it's not Einstein's theory. This is mine. And it goes like this: Human beings can't comprehend facts without a perspective.

Or in other words, to fully understand something, we need to see it relative to things we already understand. That is why we have metaphors, analogies and - yes, in a way, parables and allegories too.

For instance, government is more substantial than the governed, even if the former is in the 100s of individuals and the latter in their 1,000,000s.

Maybe this video will help you see the difference.

While we are on the subject of relativity, let's look at the numeral 1,000,000,000,000 or trillion that is tossed about with impunity by people in expensive suits these days...

Now that they are in perspective, does either of it look very sustainable to you?

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