23 Mar 2011

Plague, pestilence ...and now the scourge

The Rothschilds, the Gates, the Rajas, the Kalmadis and now the grand 'Oracle of Omaha' himself, has set his kindly eyes on an already ravaged Mother India. Seriously, maybe it's time for the Parliamentarians to step aside and let the real professionals show how economic pillaging ought to be done.

Meanwhile, the 'ill-omen from Omaha' is giving away 99% of his estimated $50 billion personal wealth through "The Giving Pledge" campaign, with his one hand - and in my wholly-biased, ill-informed estimation, will manage to more than make up by stripping compounded interest, profits and assets from the country via the retail, insurance and financial services sectors, with his other hand.

And he'll probably give 99% of that to charity as well!

Anyway, the Berkshire Hathaway trojan is dangling $40 billion in juicy bait. Will the salivating oligarchs and parliamentary parasites of India bite? If - or more likely, when they do, how bad is it going to get? Maybe we should consult the Oracle.

By the way, I like the fact that the bleeding-heart thinks "the American economy is getting better month by month." I am sure it is positively blooming. After all, it's the f-ing Oracle speaking!

Ok. Maybe I'm overreacting. I'm sure the insatiable ones are in India merely to "create wealth and prosperity" for 900 million half-naked fakirs.

Yeah, that's it... IT'S ALL FOR OUR OWN GOOD.


anush said...

you know it doesn't make sense if this blog read from bottom to top.
u left out an important observation, india is not a growing market but a large and sustaining.

my question is could they arm twist the chinese to pledge their wealth?

Shanty Mathew said...

When the Oracle reluctantly made his first big investment in China a few years ago, it was in a car company called BYD.

There are interesting tales of how the founder of the company was, to put it mildly, extremely curious of the technologies that went into advanced European cars.

A highly motivated person, he was doing reaonably well till Berkshire Hathaway invested.

Then things really took-off for him... A new Chinese govt regulation gave BYD's baby steps into EVs (Electric Vehicle) a serious near-monopolistic advantage. BYD is expected to soon become the No1 EV manufacturer in the world.

Nothing more than a coincidence, I am sure.

Here's another thought: What if there is no difference between China and India?

After all, political boundaries are a man-made eyewash - mere psychological corrals for the masses. After all, 'countries' only represent the culture of a geographical area.

The Oracle and his ilk share a 'culture' all right - but it's different from that of the masses.

Between Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and a seamless financial system, notice there are no political boundaries for the High Priests of Mammon.