12 Jun 2011

The advertising campaign that sold 'hope'

The "change you can believe in" slogan may not resonate as much today...

But the making of Brand Obama still inspires because it is one those rare audacious campaigns that actually worked. And it worked brilliantly... making billions of people (not just Americans) 'buy' intangible brand attributes like 'change' and 'hope'!

From the Advertising point-of-view, it is an excellent example of a perfectly meshed cross-media campaign.

Above all, it is one of those campaigns that prove that although out-of-the-box ideas matter - it's the making it happen that really counts. As Scott Thomas one of the brains (and hands) behind Brand Omaba's creation, says it all about "Ticking off the 'dos'."

Yes, an idea needs to be 'sold' first - before mundane things like Art Direction, Typography and Copywriting really begin to mean anything.

One percent inspiration. Ninety nine percent prespiration.

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