14 Jun 2011

What happens when a brand doesn't deliver

This is sort of a sequel to my previous post on Brand Obama.

No matter how great the marketing strategy; no matter how creative the advertising; no matter how attractive the packagaging - you can make people "buy" it ONLY once.

Caution: This film is 2 hour long... And it's worth your every minute.

Lifting the Veil from S DN on Vimeo.

But the reason I am concerned with what is unfolding thousands of miles away is this: For decades, the United States of America was the system that was held up as an "example" for developing nations.

In light of what is going on today, it imperative that nations like India STOP aligning their political, economic, security and even cultural values to what, we know without the shadow of a doubt, is just malevolent and patently false advertising!

This brand doesn't deliver.

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