16 Jan 2012

The road paved with good intentions...

Whether it is engineering an utopian model of society or short-sighted welfare state legislations that attempt to achieve the notion of "social justice", they invariable end up accomplishing just the opposite of what was intended.

I would extrapolate this to include the 'Occupy Wall Street Movement' in the US and the 'Lokpal Bill' fracas in India. The intent of these movements are laudable... and they have certainly achieved a lot by way of waking up the majority from their TV-induced hypnosis by standing up for serious local issues. And they have redefined the way reliable news is delivered with their use of decentralised social networks.


Fighting the SYMPTOMS of injustice instead of addressing the CAUSES, will essentially be paving the way for a hugely expanded 'command and control' structure that will be further out of the scope of purview of society... For example, in the US, expanding entitlements will act as a demotivation for small businesses and local productivity, and increase the viscious cycle of multinationals, offshoring and unemployment. And in India, more unaccountable bureaucratic watchdogs and red tape will only serve to eventually increase the number of hands to be greased.

This video showcase the libertarian philosophy of supply-and-demand deciding the true price/value of labour and products in an economy... This is not to be confused with unbridled, exploitative crony capitalism, which results from a few deciding what's good for the many.

P.S: When I walked in for my first copywriting job, I had no experience, so I told the employer I'll work one month for him for FREE. I didn't lose a salary, I learnt a profession.

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