29 May 2012

Fear fear.

Everyone in any "creative" line-of-work learn to live with constant fear because of the nature and unpredictablility of our work.

Our work is expected to have an impact, a net result that's preferrably positive. But since this impact is usually on an emotional or perceptional (subjective) level, nothing - absolutely nothing - is predictable.

The only way to avoid a negative result is to aim for the status quo: A "No risk, No loss" strategy.

That works till someone realises that the sum of all you do is 'zero'. Why wait till you're meat on a hook? Go on, venture out. Be brave. Take calculated risks. Enoy the f-ing ride. Remember the ol' Bon Jovi track, Blaze of Glory. (Heck, I loved the whole album!)

First, overcome these three fears. On second thoughts, don't just overcome them... Tear 'em up, mangle 'em and toss 'em on the same heap of dreary mundaneness and banality you struggled so hard against to get into Advertisng or the whatever other creative line-of-work you're in...

- The fear of breaking a rule that you don't understand or agree with.
- The fear of going against the grain to do something you believe is right.
- The fear of not knowing where you'll reach by following your instincts.

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