12 Dec 2012

Barefaced titillation for wordmongers

Much of the 'information' on Web 2.0 is visual. Despite the dominance of word-search engines, it is largely an imagery-centred medium.

I suppose this has to do with the fact that the Internet today is geared for making connections rather than sharing knowledge -- and to paraphrase that frayed adage on communication: A picture can tell more about you than a thousand words!

So it is a special feeling to come across the occasional blog-post that unabashedly celebrates the written word and its eccentricities.

Do you belong to the breed of wordsmiths who find poor punctuation in a pornographic novella positively scandalous, misspelling in a restaurant completely unpalatable, or errant double-spacing in an propaganda piece thoroughly distracting?

If you do, you may relate quite well to the sentiments expressed in this article from the blog of The Granta magazine, which was founded by students of Cambridge University in 1889 -- the magazine, not the blog.

P.S: If you find hairsplitting over split infinitives and spirited discussions on the propriety of certain hyphens fascinating, do not miss the 'Comments' section.

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