23 Dec 2012

The Rise of the Machines; the Fall of Man

Techo-worshippers and iGadget-devotees believe that technology will solve many - if not all - of the society's ills. In this techology-enabled utopia, no one would have to work - because robots will do all the production for us, and software programmes will take care of all public services. Poverty and inequality will be eradicated, with everyone having access to more or less the same standardised levels of goods and services. And when everyone has everything they need (or want) there will be ULTIMATELY no more reason for wars!

Humankind would be on a sort of perpetual vacation expanding its collective consciousness or experimenting with new art-forms.

That technology will make many, if not most jobs redundant soon is nearly indisputable... (Even the "creative" domains like Advertising will not be spared the algorithic takeover.)

In my opinion, it would be 'economics' rather than 'technology' that impels automation. Because after large-scale immigration and outsourcing, automation is the only avenue left (other than outright slave labour) for corporations to drive cost down further and increase profits.

Looking back at history, we can be fairly certain that the fruits of an automation revolution will not be evenly distributed. For example, the industrial revolution in the British Isles was powered by steam, child labour and the fear of debtors' prisons.

In all likelihood, THIS is kind of automation that will take place...


In 1978, one of the earliest "shooting video games", Space Invaders was designed and launched by a Japanese video game developer, Tomohiro Nishikado. By 2010, warfare took on so many features of shooting video games that we had drone operators ostensibly suffering from PlayStation Mentality while killing men, women and sometimes children in a warzone on the other side of the world!

Human history is replete with instances of the strong exploiting the weak. Unfortunately, there may have never EVER existed a completely fair and equitable society on Planet Earth. What may come next in this technologically-interconnected world could be the ultimate failing of mankind... Prepare accordingly.

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