21 Jan 2010

Google gobbles!

A 2009 ranking of the most valuable sporting properties by SportsPro Magazine (published by the Henley Media Group) placed the National Football League (NFL) as the world's most valuable sports property at $4.5 billion.

Remember Apple's '1984' commercial aired once - just once - on NFL Superbowl.

The NFL is followed by Major League Baseball at $3.9 billion, National Basketball Association (NBA) at $3.35 billion, and Nascar at $1.9 billion. All from the US of A.

At No.5 comes the Indian Premier League (IPL) at $1.6 billion. After a mere two years of existence, it may be recalled that IPLs' 2nd edition resuscitated the Indian Ad industry (and its economy, to some extend) during a rough year.

Well, the 3rd edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) will be streamed live (ok, 5 minutes after TV) on www.youtube.com/ipl.

Google has bought the online rights for IPL content for the next two years. It'll share sponsorship and advertising revenues with IPL.

Um... does anyone else hear a 'search engine' revving?

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